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The conflict grows as new types of Pilots emerge, new types of Squads appear, and new Factions are born!

This supplement for Beam Saber features new ways to play including 10 new Pilot playbooks, 5 new Squad playbooks, 2 new settings, and rules for forming and managing a Faction.

The new types of Pilots include:

  • The Artificial who finds strength in having been created for a specific purpose.
  • The Captain who commands fire teams of NPCs.
  • The Forewarned who is a knowledgeable seer.
  • The Hero who is the symbol for a cause greater than themself.
  • The Hive who is a psychic entity dispersed among bodies.
  • The Proxy who uses their digital existence to find secrets.
  • The Rookie who brings foolish hope to the battlefield.
  • The Transformed who has an Other within them, allowing them to fight without a vehicle.
  • The Tuner who perfects their vehicle to their exacting desires.
  • The Wielder who carries The Weapon: a legendary item with a will of its own.

The new Squad playbooks include:

  • The Academy who are the next generation.
  • The Crew who are bound by their shared Cause.
  • The Dismounted who are forgotten grunts.
  • The Double Agents who live secret lives to work for the enemy.
  • The Hunted who are on the run.

The new settings are:

  • The Steel Meadows is a solar system scale setting about a hidden system sized scrapyard that has had its location revealed to the enemy. Can its underfunded and ill prepared defenders hold off the invaders until reinforcements arrive? Can the fractured invasion fleet break the system's lock before the door can be closed again? Can the system's strange and secret denizens survive the conflict?
  • CalazCon! is an urban scale setting about a major media franchise's largest convention occupying a city under siege. Can the Calazar fans have a good time and enjoy their convention in spite of the war they've dropped into? Can the locals maintain their dignity and regain their freedom in the face of overwhelming numbers? Can the exhausted army besieging the city push out the fans and overcome the locals, all with the fate of the planet hanging over them?

The new Faction management rules include:

  • Forming an entirely new Faction.
  • Faction scale Entanglements.
  • Assigning subordinate Squads to Missions.
  • Working to stay inside of your Faction's Leadership.

This product is currently in development and is not yet complete.

Interior Art by josie robo, Hadrian, Jess Whitmore, Imani Kelker, No_Tables, Monsieur Le Battlier, Aliza Courney, Connor Meegan, Kai Valentine, Mercedes C. Acosta, and Caro Asercion.

If you're interested in prototype rules and behind the scenes info, check out the Patreon!

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
AuthorAustin Ramsay
GenreRole Playing
TagsAnime, beam-saber, Cyberpunk, Forged in the Dark, mecha, Mechs, Monsters, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few seconds


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Is this going to get finished? It's been almost two years since the last update

The PDF is effectively rules complete at this point. The additions to it will be more art, fiction, and layout work, however, for those require time and funds that have been primarily spent for the last two years on finishing the print run of the core rulebook. Recently, I have begun slowly ramping back up the processes needed to finish the rest of the details.

Ok, thanks for the reply! It's good to know that this hasn't been abandoned. Guess I'll just have to be patient.

I love a lot of the ideas being experimented with in this book. Some of them feel a little rough around the edges and I think the roughest edge in the book is probably The Hive. I'll try and say why I think that is.

The Hive's rules seem to be at odds with the notes about the hive. Something about people entering a hive-mind "explicitly consensually" only to have their bodies used as fodder by The Hive seems kinda bad. The narrative that people are voluntarily joining this entity only to have their physical bodies treated as expendable resources sort of calls into question how informed this "explicit consent" really was. 

Also, more nitpicky but the amount of work to recover a tick on the body clock seems way more costly than recovering the equivalent amount of stress which would be done in a Downtime Action. Given how this spending of bodies seems to be the Hive's bread and butter, I think it could mean that the Hive is mechanically far weaker than other playbooks, in this supplement and outside it. If I had to offer a solution I'd probably suggest de-emphasising the body-spending part and making it more of a last resort that the player can use, so it stays costly but it might be just what the player needs to avoid a scar. 

Sorry to put this here. I do not know where else to put feedback for this game. I hope it was constructive.

Thank you for your feedback. If you have feedback in the future, it can be sent to BeamSaberRPG at gmail dot com.

Will there be fillable playbook sheets for this at some point?


If you mean one available as a google spreadsheet it is already linked to in the Player Resources section of the pdf.

If you mean a printable sheet it is one of the available download pdfs.

If you mean something else, then there is no plans for it but if you would be kind enough to describe it, there might be in the future.

Oh wonderful, thank you, I didn't see them there.