The Growing Conflict V0.59 is live!

This update is another relatively small, but exciting one! The Forewarned pilot playbook and the Dismounted squad playbook have both been added to the text.

  • Added the Forewarned pilot playbook. This playbook creates a new way to play by giving you the ability to decide what one die in each roll will be. However, your options are limited and eventually you'll have to start spending those 1s, 2s, and 3s.
  • Added the Dismounted squad playbook. This playbook takes away the player character's vehicles and makes them infantry in a war focused on massive machines.


The Growing Conflict V0.59.pdf 26 kB
Apr 17, 2022
Growing Conflict Pilot Playbooks V0.59.pdf 2 MB
Apr 17, 2022

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