The Growing Conflict V0.54 is live!


  • Clarified that Pilots’ Vehicles are replaced by their Workstation when they are part of The Crew squad playbook.
  • Added a section about the crew of the Captain’s Vehicle, and how said Vehicle is much larger than others.
  • Added “Your Custom Vehicle” to most playbooks. The Rookie gets “A Standard Vehicle” and the Transformed doesn’t get this because they have their Other.
  • Clarified that if the Transformed’s Other suffers Level 4 Damage it is unavailable until replaced.
  • Added the Wielder Pilot playbook. It’s inspired by fighting game tech and legendary weapons, such as Excalibur.
  • Clarified how the Proxy moves and how Send Attachment works.


The Growing Conflict V0.54.pdf 350 kB
19 days ago

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