Beam Saber V0.55 is live!


  • Added art for the Ace, Bureaucrat, Empath, Envoy, and Hacker
  • Changed Blacksite to Private Office
  • Changed Blacksite Bourbon to Drowned Man’s Dreams
  • R&D Rigging now provides 2 free Load of Tools or Supplies
  • Added digital alternatives to what is needed to play Beam Saber
  • Added a pronoun chart to the Pronouns section
  • Added a section about Pilots, Chronic Illness, and Disability
  • Expanded a bit on what false beliefs might look like, including an example
  • Clarified that Scars can be removed with appropriate Long Term Projects
  • Rewrote the Survey examples to be about body language.
  • Mention of chronic illness in the “Obligation” Cohort flaw has been removed.
  • Added the opportunity to play a non-combat game to the Session Zero section.
  • Added the Swan to the Example Vehicles section.
  • Clarified that many of the Technician’s chemicals cause temporary effects.
    • Replaced "Cause blindness" with "Cover an area in impenetrable darkness."
    • Remove "Cause temporary paralysis," because “incapacitating muscle cramps” covers that.


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19 days ago

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