V0.541 is here!

Big update! Most of it is that the whole book has had a layout pass by the amazing Lauren McManamon and additional vehicle art by the wonderful Vincent Patrick!


  • Clarified that all Level 1 Harm and all Level 1 Damage is removed during Mission Rewards.
  • Clarified that Pushing Yourself applies to Action and Fortune rolls.
  • Updated the Random Generation Tables to have the appropriate Pilot abilities.
  • Changed the Mech Cav's "Custom Work" to apply to Engineering the Vehicles in your Squad.
  • Clarified that the Rival Challenge Clock must be filled and then 2 Drive Clocks spent to permanently remove them as a threat.
  • Updated the Roll20 Clock link to the new Itch store page.
  • Updated the Roll20 Splash page to the new user friendly version.
  • Removed the Future Goals appendix.
  • Added the extremely incomplete Kickstarter Backers and Index appendices.
  • Added an example of play for an entire Mission.
  • Changed the Envoy’s “Fine Disguise Kit” to “Fine Subterfuge Supplies” to bringit in line with the standard gear version.
  • Renamed the "Rivals" Entanglement to "Challengers."
  • Clarified that the Tier of a temporary vehicle is determined by the Squad that normally operates said vehicle.
  • Clarified in the Planning the Mission section, under Loadout, how declaring Pilot gear works.
  • Changed the Officer's XP triggers to "coordination or a ruse." This was done to make it feel more in line with the idea of an Officer, while still choosing words that incorporated the old XP Triggers.
  • Added art for the Shotel, Tin Orbit, Scalpel, Bulkhead, Jousting Boar Inn & Pub, and Opossum example Vehicles.
  • Massive editing pass.


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