A downloadable mod

A set of guidelines for using Harebrained Schemes' Battletech (2018) as a Game Master for role playing with friends.


  • 1 copy of Harebrained Schemes’ Battletech (2018)
  • 4 players
  • Google docs (or other shared digital document) for keeping track of information.
  • Discord for communicating and RPing
  • An openness to “sub-optimal” play. Players will make decisions on the battlefield and in the Argo that you disagree with; Do NOT try to browbeat them into doing what you would have done.

Cover art by Jess Whitmore

CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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AuthorAustin Ramsay
Tagsbattletech, Mechs, Multiplayer, Tactical RPG, Tabletop role-playing game, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds


Targeting Computer.pdf 1 MB


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Really cool idea, really hope I get a chance to try it out. One question though: you say players can choose their own pilot's appearance, callsign, name and pronouns, but the base game only allows for the main character to be edited as far as I know. Would you consider adding links or suggesting methods of editing NPCs to the PDF?

Customizing non-Kickstarter pilots, aka Ronin, was added with V1.9 by HBS IIRC. You go to the pilot in the barracks and click on the customize button below their portrait.


Ahh, okay. I thought I'd played more recently than that, but maybe I missed the option last time I was in the game. ^_^;


This is really cool, thank you


This is an INCREDIBLY cool and innovative hack!